Scorekeeping Guide

Table of Contents

  1. Getting Started

    1. App Installation
    2. Login

  2. Before the Game

    1. Team Lineups
    2. Scorekeeper & Timekeeper
    3. Game Officials
    4. Period Settings
    5. Start Game

  3. Scorekeeping

    1. Add Goal
    2. Add Penalty
    3. Goalie Swap or Pull
    4. Shots on Net
    5. Add Game Notes
    6. Edit or Delete Events

  4. After the Game

    1. End Game
    2. Collect Signatures
    3. Distributing Scoresheets

  5. Resources

    1. Support
    2. Scratchpad
    3. System Requirements

1. Getting Started

1.1 App Installation

Spordle Play uses modern web app technology allowing you to instantly access the app from your already installed browser without needing to worry about app store updates. It can be used on any sized phone, tablet, or laptop.

This is optional! Spordle Play is fully functional straight out of your browser without needing to be installed.

Installing the app will launch in full screen and provide you a shortcut to easily open it for future games.

Android / Chrome

  1. Navigate to in your address bar.
  2. In the top right corner of your browser, open the browser menu (usually three dots). Press Add to Home Screen, which will open a popup showing an icon and name.
  3. Click Add to install. The Scoresheet app will now be installed to your phone. It'll open in full screen and stay up to date.

iOS / Safari

  1. Navigate to in your address bar.
  2. Press the Send icon in the middle of the bottom row, then press Add to Home Screen. You may need to scroll over the last row to the right to find it. This will open a screen showing an icon, name and address.
  3. Click Add to install. The Scoresheet app will now be installed to your phone. It'll open in full screen and stay up to date.
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1.2 Login

If you haven't installed the app, go to in your browser.

Login screen

Select Scorekeeper, then enter the schedule game number and home team's Hockey ID number.

These details should have been given to you prior to the game. If necessary, ask a referee or coach for details.
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2. Before the Game

Offline ready! Once you're logged in, you can complete the entire scoresheet offline if you're in an venue that does not have a reliable internet connection.

The four tasks required to start the game should be mostly done at this point. You'll see a checkmark beside pregame tasks that are completed, which you can review.

List of pregame tasks

2.1 Team Lineups

If this task has not yet been completed, ask each coach to enter and sign their lineup. You may need to hand them your device.

Teams can complete their lineup using their own account ahead of time, so this step may already be completed.
Team lineup Back to top

2.2 Scorekeeper & Timekeeper

Fill in the names of the individuals that will be scorekeeping and timekeeping.

Scorekeeper and timekeeper inputs Back to top

2.3 Game Officials

Add the names of the referee(s) and linesperson(s) officiating this game. You do not need to fill in all positions if not applicable.

Verify with the game officials to ensure their names are input correctly. They must be added so they can sign the scoresheet.

Game official entry

If an official's name that you are entering is not appearing in the dropdown, and you are sure their name is spelled correctly, you can press Add a temporary official.

Officials may be assigned by the association ahead of time, so this step may already be completed for you. You should always review the list of officials and make changes if needed.
No Show? When removing an official, you can select "No Show" if applicable. The association may have additional procedures to follow.
No officials? Following regulations, you can enter the substitute game official by entering their name then pressing Add a temporary official.
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2.4 Period Settings

In the top right corner, press Periods to open the Periods settings dialog.

Period settings

By default, all periods are 20 minutes long and can be adjusted to any length as needed.

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2.5 Start Game

Once all tasks are complete, press Start Game located in the top right. There will be a confirmation dialog just in case. You cannot proceed unless you've completed the pregame tasks.

Start game dialog
The referee must review the lineups and other pregame details prior to starting the game.
After you've started the game, you can still come back to the pregame section to fix any lineups and other details as needed.
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3. Scorekeeping

Scoresheet summary view
You can print off a scratchpad to quickly write down game information as needed.


3.1 Add Goal

To add a goal, press the Home Goal or Away Goal button for the respective team you wish to add a goal for.

Goal dialog
  1. Enter the game time when the goal was scored at.
    Enter the time you would enter on a paper scoresheet. 00:00 is end of period.
  2. Select the players to assign the goal and assist(s) by pressing on their jerseys. To unselect, press the jersey again.
    The green jersey is the scorer and white jerseys are any assists. This is summarized in the text above the list of players.
  3. Select a goal type if applicable. The options available are:

    • Power Play
    • Shorthanded
    • Empty Net
    • Penalty Shot

  4. If you've selected Power Play, a list of penalties will be shown to end. Selecting a penalty will automatically end the penalty at the time of the goal.
  5. Review the goal details and press Save
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3.2 Add Penalty

To add a penalty, press the Penalty button for the respective team you wish to add a penalty for.

Penalty dialog
  1. Enter the game time when the infraction was called and play was stopped.
    In the case that the penalty starts after another penalty, you can specify a different start time. This is usually not necessary.
  2. Select the player who received the infraction and, if applicable, the player who serves the penalty by pressing on their jerseys. Press the jersey again to unselect.
    By default, the player receiving the infraction also serves it unless you select another player. This is summarized in text above the list of players.
    The yellow jersey indicates the player or team official that the infraction was assessed to. If applicable, the white jersey is the player serving the penalty.
  3. Next, select the infraction and the duration.
    You can only select durations that are applicable to the infraction. This list is based on the Hockey Canada rulebook and has been reviewed by the province's Referee in Chief.

    If an option is not available, please speak to the referee to determine if they have made an error.
  4. Review the penalty details, then press Save.

Once completed, the penalty will appear as active in the middle of the screen.

Scoresheet summary with active penalties

Once the penalty has ended and the player leaves the penalty box, press on the jersey to end the penalty.

Ending a Penalty

The row in the middle lists the active penalties for each penalty. You can press a penalty to view it's details and edit or end it from here.

  • In the case you need to correct a penalty, press Edit to make changes.
  • When ending a penalty, enter the game time when the penalty has ended and press End. This time will default to the time after the duration past the start time.
  • End penalty dialog
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3.3 Goalie Swap or Pull

To indicate a goalie swap or pull, start by pressing the Goalie button.

Goalie dialog

Swap or Pull

Enter the game time at which the goalie change occurred and press either Pull or Swap.

  • If the team only has one goalie, you will only see the Pull button, as there is no other goalie to swap.
  • If the team has two goalies, the goalie leaving the ice will be shown in the "Off" position and the goalie entering the net will be shown in the "On" position.


To return a goalie:

  1. Enter the game time at which the goalie is returning to their net.
  2. Select the goalie that is returning by pressing their number.
  3. Press Return.
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3.4 Shots on Net

You can enter the number of shots on net against a goalie each period. This will allow additional goalie stats to be calculated.

Team officials can also enter their own shots after the game on the game details page when they're logged in to their account.
Shots on net dialog Back to top

3.5 Add Game Notes

If additional notes need to be added to the scoresheet, select the Game Notes button located at the top right.

Enter the note(s) in the text area and press Save.

Game notes are useful for any situations not covered by the electronic scoresheet. The notes will be listed at the bottom of the scoresheet that is sent after the game.
Game notes dialog Back to top

3.6 Edit or Delete Events

To edit any goal, penalty or goalie change, press the button with the pen icon found to the right of the event. Make the necessary changes and press Save.

To delete any goal, penalty or goalie change, press the button with the red "X" icon found to the right of the event.

Edit event button Back to top

4. After the Game

4.1 End Game

To end a game, press the End Game button found in the top right corner.

Enter the remaining time on the game clock if necessary, then press End Game.

In most cases, the time doesn't need to be changed, unless the game ended before the end of the final period, or in overtime or shootouts. This time will be highlighted on the scoresheet.
End game confirmation dialog Back to top

4.2 Collect Signatures

Sign the Scorekeeper signature box, and have the Timekeeper to sign the Timekeeper signature box.


Once you've signed, you can press Next to allow the game officials to review the game and sign the scoresheet

Referees must review penalties prior to signing the scoresheet. A review step is shown prior to game official signatures.
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4.3 Distributing Scoresheets

All bench staff and game officials will automatically receieve a copy of the scoresheet by email if they have registered an account. League administrators may also automatically receive a copy of the scoresheet.

If necessary, scoresheets can be sent to additional email addresses:

  1. Select Add Email for every additional email needed.
  2. When you're ready, press Submit to finalize the scoresheet.
  3. You'll be logged out once the scoresheet is complete. At this point, any further changes can only be made by a league administrator.
  4. Additional emails dialog
If you are offline, you'll be prompted to reconnect to the internet to sync the game. A prompt will confirm that all scoresheet events have been successfully synced.
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5. Resources

5.1 Support

See your league or district website for support contact information and additional documentation resources. They are also able to escalate any issues as needed.

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5.2 Scratchpad

If it's your first game, or it's an especially fast-paced game, you might find it helpful to download the scratchpad to print and to write on during the game. This can also serve as a helpful backup if you run into issues.

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5.3 System Requirements

Android / Chrome

Android 6 (N) is the minimum Android version supported. If you're using Chrome, the minimum supported version is 58.

We strongly recommend keeping your browser up to date. Make sure to log into your device's app store to get the latest updates, especially if you're on an older device.

iOS / Safari

iOS 10.3 is the minimum iOS version supported. Safari is recommended because Apple handicaps other browsers.

Safari is updated as part of your system updates, so we strongly recommend installing the latest iOS version when available.

Note: Cookies may be unintentionally disabled on iOS. Spordle Play uses your browser storage to maintain scoresheet integrity and offline compatibility. If disabled, a notice will pop up directing you how to fix this.

Other devices

Most modern browsers are generally supported, provided they're kept up to date. Internet Explorer is not supported.

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